Why you should choose Vietnamese coffee exporters

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With many competitive advantages, Vietnamese coffee exporters are currently an ideal source of coffee supply in the eyes of coffee traders in the international market.

Overview of  Vietnamese coffee exporters

As one of the key connectors between the buyers and the manufacturers, Vietnamese coffee exporters are very important in the coffee market.


Vietnamese coffee

Definition of  Vietnamese coffee exporters

Vietnamese coffee exporters are trading professionals that provide Vietnamese coffee, especially in bulk, to the rest of the world. 

Export methods of  Vietnamese coffee exporters

There are three main types of Vietnamese coffee exporters: direct, entrusted, and through a trade agreement.

  • Direct coffee exporters

They are in charge of the whole coffee exporting process: from the coffee processing, packing to the signing of contracts and shipping products to customers, according to the Vietnamese export rules. 

  • Entrusted coffee exporters

Vietnamese coffee exporters take care of the exporting procedure for the coffee producers. They will charge the coffee producers a certain amount of money for this kind of service if the export is successfully executed.

  • Through a trade agreement

In a trade agreement between two countries, many products, including coffee, maybe have certain benefits such as tax reduction, price reduction, and other bilateral benefits. In the EVFTA, Vietnamese coffee export taxes entering the EU market are reduced from 7-9% to 0%.

Main targeted markets of Vietnamese coffee exporters

More than 80 nations worldwide have experienced Vietnamese coffee, such as Germany, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, etc. In many years, Germany has been Vietnam’s number one coffee importing country. 

Advantages of  Vietnamese coffee exporters

With many competitive advantages in hand, Vietnamese coffee exporters are frequently the ideal partners for coffee sources.

  • Selling coffee in large and stable quantity

Vietnamese coffee exporters are known for their impressive output that can be provided at any time throughout the year. Even though occasional natural disasters can disrupt coffee production, the overall output of Vietnamese coffee still remains stable for exports due to favorable climatic conditions for coffee cultivation.

  • High-quality products

Climate conditions, water, and fertile land all contribute to the premium and consistent quality of Vietnamese coffee beans, with distinctive taste, flavor, and aroma.

  • Government policies

The Vietnamese government always prioritizes the exports of Vietnamese agricultural products, of which rice and coffee are always being paid attention. Many projects, trade fairs, subsidies aiming to promote Vietnamese coffee exporters are carried out annually.

What can affect Vietnamese coffee exporters

Vietnamese coffee exporters must adjust to any changes in the market in order to be successful in the business.

  • Supply

If the coffee supply reduces while domestic and foreign demand increases, Vietnamese coffee exporters constantly have to try their best to seek various alternative coffee sources to meet the demands of customers. The result is that the prices of wholesale coffee beans will also increase.

  • Demand

The coffee demand tends to rise at the end of the year, which means that Vietnamese coffee exporters have to compete against each other in order to find a sufficient supply for coffee exports. 

  • Weather conditions

Vietnam, unfortunately, has to endure natural disasters every year, often in June or July. This means that many coffee trees are damaged annually, leading to a decrease in coffee output and the rise of coffee prices. These circumstances force the Vietnamese coffee exporters to end up with less revenue than usual.

Top 3 recommended  Vietnamese coffee exporters

It is very important to sign contracts with Vietnamese coffee exporters that are reputable and reliable.

Trung Nguyen Legend – Vietnamese coffee exporters

This is one of the oldest and most experienced Vietnamese coffee exporters. They are currently available in every retail supermarket in the world.

Contact information:

Whatsapp: +84 855555837

K-Agriculture Factory – Vietnamese coffee exporters

K-Agriculture is the perfect company for green coffee beans that are high-quality, reasonable-priced and carefully selected. They are one of the leading experts in the agricultural fields, from rice, coffee to spices.

Contact information:

Email: info@k-agriculture.com

Website: https://k-agriculture.com/

Whatsapp: +84855 555 837

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kagriculturecompany/



WS Cafe – Vietnamese coffee exporters

“WS” is short for “wholesale”, which shows that they are one of the leading wholesale coffee exporters in this country.

Contact information:

Whatsapp: +84 855555837

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