The King of Spices – Black pepper

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Black pepper is the most common type of pepper, which is used for different purposes.  This article will illustrate the black pepper’s origin, characteristics and supplying/demanding markets.



  • The origin of black pepper


Black pepper is considered the “King of spices” which originated from India. Afterward, blackpepper developed and is cultivated in many places: Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, Sri Lanka,… Pepper was created in the Southeast and Central regions and provinces in the early 20th century on basalt red soil.


Black pepper


  • Black pepper characteristics


  • Black pepper is the most common type of pepper. From this, there are different types of black pepper with varieties of quality based on: density (GL), moisture, admixture.
  • Harvest season: From May to July 
  • Price: black pepper price depends on product specification. For example, The same product is black pepper, but the FAQ type with density 400, 500 and 550 will have different prices.
  • Specification:


Criteria Black pepper
Density (G/L) Range from 350 – 600 G/L, 
Moisture (%) 12 – 13.5%
Admixture (%) 0.2 – 2% depending on specific type




  • Supplying and demanding markets for black pepper


According to Tridge,  top 5 supplying countries of black pepper are (2020):

  • Vietnam
  • Brazil
  • Indonesia
  • Sri Lanka
  • India

K-Agriculture – top black pepper suppliers in Vietnam

Here are the top 5 markets that mainly import black pepper:

  • U.S
  • India
  • Germany 
  • Vietnam
  • China




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