Step by step to import Vietnamese cinnamon sticks

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Cinnamon is a common spice that may be found in a variety of dishes. It is also thought to be a promising business. We will supply you with all of the most useful information on cinnamon sticks in this piece, helping you to not only better understand them, but also gain a multitude of surprising and important advice.

Where can I locate a reputable cinnamon stick supplier?

Finding a trustworthy cinnamon supplier is critical to keeping your company competitive and successful. But, with thousands of cinnamon stick providers to choose from, how can we collaborate? So here are some recommendations that can assist you:

Step 1: Conduct thorough research to compile a list of trusted cinnamon stick providers.

With just an Internet connection, you can now choose a trusted cinnamon supplier that is ideal for your company. There are several search tools and platforms available, but the most prevalent in B2B include:

Using Google: reliable websites such as go4WorldBusiness, World’s Top Exports, or Government Offices may provide you with an excellent list of the top cinnamon stick providers.
Join Facebook groups like Spices Importers & Exporters, Spices-Exporters, and Spices Market. As Facebook appears to be one of the must-have and most crucial platforms for many agricultural organizations, you may access a large number of cinnamon suppliers and factories from all over the world.
Affiliate groups are another excellent concept. There are fewer cinnamon stick suppliers here than on Facebook, but they are more professional. Here are a few examples of popular LinkedIn groups: (1) Spices, Herbs, Tea, Coffee, Essential Oils & Oleoresin-FPO, Mfr, Importer & Exporter-#1 World Group; (2) Spices and Herbs Traders and Experts; (3) Spices Import-Export…

Step 2: Research prospective cinnamon stick sources to prevent additional risks:

Visit their website: Are they skilled at arranging information and content? (Take note of their introduction – About us.)
Check the following details: email, phone number, firm address (Google Maps, Yandex Maps, Baidu Maps), certificate… is it genuine?
You can also try to check the domain name of this cinnamon stick provider’s website (IP checker) to see how long these providers have been on the web. (But keep in mind that time on site is not necessarily synonymous with supplier experience, because many traditional agricultural businesses are just getting started with the Internet.)
Can you use Google Lens to see whether your image was taken from the internet?

Step 3: Make contact and request further information.

On their website, you may communicate with cinnamon stick dealers. You may email or phone them directly to get more information about cinnamon sticks (types, quality, characteristics, etc.), pricing, discounts, procedures, and delivery fees…
It is preferable to contact or video call the vendors to further examine their professionalism and integrity.

Step 4: Narrow the list of potential cinnamon stick providers.

After acquiring the essential information, rate your suppliers based on criteria and weights that are important to your company.
Choose 4-5 prospective suppliers for more conversation.

Step 5: Bargain for better terms

To acquire the greatest bargain, negotiate the following terms: price, discount, product certificate, payment method, and delivery.
Select the best cinnamon stick provider to deal with (2–3 suppliers are recommended to avoid risk).

Purchase a cinnamon stick from Vietnam.

Vietnam is the biggest supplier of cinnamon and is well-known for producing high-quality yet reasonably priced cinnamon sticks, which are in high demand in key countries such as India, the United States, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates.
If you want to import cinnamon sticks from Vietnam, here is some important information to keep in mind:

Import tax: The average tax rate for Vietnamese cinnamon in 2018 was 18.6 percent. However, Vietnam is a relatively open country, having relations with the majority of the world’s countries (by early 2022, Vietnam will have 15 FTAs in operation and 2 FTAs under negotiation). As a result, you should carefully verify the import tax rate because the import tax on cinnamon sticks from Vietnam is relatively cheap in many nations.
Payment options: You can use many payment methods depending on your arrangement with the cinnamon stick provider. However, Vietnamese exporters prefer T/T payment and irreversible LC upon sight.
Transportation: Because Vietnam is a seaside country, importing cinnamon by sea is both convenient and cost-effective. In terms of shipping, Vietnamese suppliers often choose CIF or FOB terms.

Dossier: When importing cinnamon sticks, you must request that the supplier create and present the following documents:
Exporting firms’ business registration
Tax code certification
Customs declaration for export
Bill of lading
Commercial contract
Packing station
Container handover minutes
Quality certificate, product origin certificate.
Plant quarantine certificate
Sterilization certificate

The top three cinnamon stick exporters

The following is a list of four of the greatest and most well-known cinnamon suppliers from Vietnam, China, and Sri Lanka.

K-Agricultural Factory (Vietnam)

K-Agricultural is a Vietnamese company that offers high-quality agricultural goods. They offer cinnamon sticks and other agricultural goods to many nations, including the United States, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, and have advanced manufacturing lines, long-term international export expertise, and a skilled crew.
Contact information:
WhatsApp: +84855 555 837

Jining Sunagro Trad (China)

Jining Sunagro Trad is a well-known cinnamon exporter in China. They sell cinnamon sticks to both local and international markets, including Africa and the Middle East, and are well-known for their capacity to deliver enormous amounts of cinnamon sticks.
Contact Info:
Mobile phone: +8613853773537

Virgin Cinnamon (Sri Lanka)

It is one of Sri Lanka’s leading cinnamon stick suppliers and is best known for its superb Ceylon cinnamon stick goods. Customers from the United States and Europe praise them for their great quality, packaging, and product quality control.
Contact Info:
Cell: +94 77 35 91657

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