Must-know facts about wholesale coffee bean

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In the history of coffee, participating in wholesale coffee beans has been a profitable opportunity for anyone that wishes to make it in the coffee market. Therefore, it is natural that there are many competitors in this field.


Coffee beans


  • Overview of wholesale coffee beans


The growing coffee culture means that coffee can be found everywhere nowadays.

1.1. Definition of wholesale coffee beans

Wholesale coffee beans are considered distributed coffee beans in large quantities to corporations, resellers, distributors, exporters, etc. The cheaper price of wholesale coffee beans is usually the reason why most coffee importers choose to buy large quantities of coffee at once.

1.2. Situation of wholesale coffee beans


  • Worldwide coffee price 


In three consecutive years, while Arabica coffee prices increased, Robusta fell in MY 2019/20 before rising again in MY 2020/21. The most significant increase is witnessed in the price of Colombian Milds.

No. Type of coffee MY 2018/19 MY 2019/20 MY 2020/21
1 Colombian Milds 2907.2 3414.5 4226.5
2 Brazilian Naturals 2247.5 2385.9 2982.9
3 Other Milds 2857.0 3281.1 3973.1
4 Robusta 1691.0 1531.9 1783.2



  • Worldwide coffee production 


In terms of regions, South America produced 48% of world coffee output, mostly in Brazil and Colombia, followed by Asia with Vietnam and Indonesia.

Coffee production in terms of regions


Even though the total coffee production decreased in MY 2019/2020, it rose again in the next  year. 


MY 2018/19 MY 2019/20 MY 2020/21
Total production 10.21 10.14 10.18
Arabica 6.02 5.82 5.96
Robusta 4.19 4.31 4.22


1.3. The reasons why Southeast Asia grows wholesale coffee beans the most

This region is considered perfect for coffee bean growing because of its geographical conditions as well as history, culture and economics that prioritize the promotion of the coffee industry.

  • Natural conditions

With a tropical climate, an annual rainfall of 1500-2000m, temperature above 24oC, fertile basalt red soil and water sources, this location is completely feasible for producing wholesale coffee beans. 

  • Economic and social conditions

Social and economic conditions

Many countries in this area have an experienced labor force and a long-lasting coffee history, especially Vietnam – world’s second largest coffee exporter. Governments in these Southeast Asian countries have implemented many policies and provided subsidies with an aim to promote wholesale coffee beans.


  • Types of wholesale coffee beans


Arabica and Robusta are the two most popular types of wholesale coffee beans.

  • Arabica

Making up 60% of the world’s annual coffee output, Arabica is the most popular type of coffee worldwide, most of which are grown in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

  • Robusta

Most of the remaining coffee output is Robusta, which also contributes 90% of Vietnam coffee production.


  • How to find reliable and reputable wholesale coffee beans suppliers


It is important to acknowledge ways to find a reliable wholesale coffee beans supplier.

  • Find wholesale coffee beans suppliers on the Internet

In this era, online marketing has become a norm for most wholesale coffee beans suppliers. Most reliable ones tend to appear on the first page of Google or international E-commerce platforms.

  • Through broker services

A professional broker is extremely helpful for beginners to get a reputable coffee supplier that meets their demands.

  • Go to international agricultural fairs 

These are often supported by the Government so there are  many  reliable and reputable coffee partners that can be found.


  • Top Vietnamese wholesale coffee beans supplier


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