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There is nothing as profitable as growing business activities, particular in the beauty industry. That seems to explain the reasons for choosing this field for long- term development of Mr. Daniel- CEO of K- hair. However, we have to admit that we can’t succeed overnight, right, if do, that’s a permanent target. https://k-hair.com/ finds it struggling to enter this hair market from the former stage. Looking back the long way of K- hair to motivate for the better in the long run in this article. 

Firstly, a quick introduction of K- hair- a sought- after hair brand in Vietnam in modern times. K-hair was founded with the leadership of Mr. Daniel, who is out of the box thinking with many years of studying overseas. 1990 was considered a turning point which is officially under the guidance of Danile, ushering the million industry with ups and downs consecutively. 

Of course, market factors are external that are significant to business operations, defining characteristics of a market model. At that time, K- hair always wondered about looking for the suitable partner for mutual benefits. Especially when the competition from others like Chinese hair factory or Indian ones, etc are really huge. Thanks to overseas experiences, K- hair made a quick decision on aiming the African market and European market as an effective hair industry with certain traits. 

  • The African market: K- hair has an inclination to be prone to this potential market for long- term targets. There is an apparent difference between traditional Vietnamese hair and the native African hair for a range of reasons. Vietnam has a moderate climate all year round, in tandem with the roles of hair in cultural traditions. As such, Vietnamese women tend to carefully take care of their hair, utilizing the natural herbs and ingredients, such as locust, lemongrass or grapefruit seed, etc for daily washing. Thus, almost all traditional Vietnamese women have shiny, smooth and flowing long hair. In contrast, with the climate traits of Africa- a harsh location, dry land and severe weather, the hair of native tends to be curly, short and lacks nutrients and proper care. That is the reason why their demands for hair extensions are on the rise all the time. K- hair succeeds in focusing on turning their shortcomings into the strength of K- hair.  For the African in general, and the Nigerian in particular, improving their appearance makes a great contribution to improving their rights in life. According to the record of K- hair, this potential market accounts for nearly 80% of export volume on a yearly basis of K- hair. In the long run, K- hair is expected to penetrate all locations and territories in Africa for its expansion. 


  • The European market: Aside from the African market, the European market also becomes the stepping stone for long- lasting development of K- hair. In this article, we are offering some hair markets in this European  region, including: Brazil, Russia, Uk, etc. In general, European hair traits and Vietnamese hair traits have a lot in common. On the other hand, due to the climate, sources of nutrients, their hairs change their color into blonde or something like that. This characteristic is combined with a fair skin, which creates a perfect look for the European. Coming from the need to bleach, dye or restyle for the dynamic beauty, K-Hair has been well- placed to take advantage of market factors for exporting there. It takes such a long time for K- hair to figure out the pros and cons of hair markets in the world, then build up the suitable strategy for every market. 


The shipping channel is the next problem of K- hair.

Thanks to the rise of technology, convenience is highly appreciated, wherever you are, specifically door- to- door shipping. From the early stage, K- hair struggled to look for the shipping services, which guarantee both two criterias from the leaders of K- hair: the shipping speed and the safety of products with an affordable price. Nowadays, K- hair also offers a diverse shipment, depending on the locations of the consumers. For example, if the buyer is African, particularly in Nigeria, K- hair tends to ship cargo to shipping agents in the South with each own fee. Or for the clients belonging to other  African countries, K- hair will send their hair to Chinese agents for convenience. 

Last but not least, how K- hair to approach clients through social sites

Looking back to the period of the 19th century, with the limitation of technology, K- hair faced a multiple of obstacles to apply virtual sites for hair extensions advertisement. The traditional models were not only time- consuming, but the effect and productivity is at a low level. In this current digital technology, K- hair is not solely  making full use of these innovations, K-hair builds up the Youtube Channel as a pivotal media channel for boosting the revenues. 

To sum up, for any startup’s steps, the ups and downs are inevitable, and K- hair is not an exception. More importantly, we decide to go ahead and overcome those obstacles or settle down the failure. With continuous efforts, K- hair can take pride in itself for current achievements in this hair industry! 

For more information about K-Hair company, please visit us at: https://www.scoop.it/u/k-hair-factory

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