How to take care of Virgin hair extension products in the best way?

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Buying a product is already difficult because virgin hair extension’s price is often not cheap, but now taking good care of it has become more difficult than ever.


Virgin hair extension

Why do you need to take care of Virgin hair extension products?

Ordinary hair extensions when used or sold to customers are carefully reminded that these hair extensions are no different from your real hair, so take good care of it. The fact that hair extensions need care is obvious, not just virgin hair extensions.

Virgin hair extension products are one of the high-end hair extension products that need to be cared for properly to not only help users keep their beauty as long as possible, but also help users save money. Usually virgin hair extension products will keep their beauty for 3 to 6 months and even more than a year to several years if you know how to take care of them carefully and properly.

The characteristics that make Virgin hair extension products need care

If you want to take good care of any product, you need to understand its nature and properties

Virgin hair extension: High quality

When it comes to virgin hair extension products, everyone will immediately think of it as a quality product:


How to take care of Virgin hair extension

  • The high quality of virgin hair extension products is known from the source of the raw materials used to create this product. Virgin hair was exploited since the new hair extensions market appeared in the world and it quickly became the most sought-after raw hair in the hair extensions market at that time. Currently, the raw hair market is increasingly scarce, so it is extremely difficult to make a virgin hair extension product for markets around the world.
  • Virgin hair extension needs not only be collected from hair with high softness and strength, but also need a lot of factors such as durability to be able to determine whether this is a premium product or not. Care for this product is extremely important because virgin hair extension products are an expensive product that not everyone is willing to spend money on. So if you can keep the beauty of this hair extension for a long time, the user will save a large amount of money.
  • Or even if you can completely afford these products, care is also necessary because those strong and shiny hairs can also be damaged if you forget and do not take good care of them. Therefore, using the right hair care products is also crucial.

How to take care of Virgin hair extension

Here is some information for those who still don’t know how to take proper care:


High-end Virgin hair extension

  • Using hair oils is one of the top choices in hair care products available on the market today. Hair oil products not only help to strengthen virgin hair extension products, but also keep the structure of this product unchanged over long periods of use. The use of hair conditioner also helps virgin hair extension products become smoother than ever.
  • Limiting the heat effect on the hair is also a solution that anyone who uses hair extensions should also pay attention to. Because virgin hair extension products are made from 100% real hair, it is not wrong to say that it will become part of your hair just in a different way. So when you apply heat in the form of using a hairdresser or a hair dryer, it will still be damaged as usual. Please limit your use to get the strongest and most beautiful hair.
  • Hair maintenance is just as important as the two factors mentioned above. When you do hair extensions, it will be quite difficult to wash your hair, so often people will choose to go to the salon to get the best feeling. But if you do not often go to the salon, you should also take the time to take care of your virgin hair extension products 2 to 3 times a month so that the hair extensions are properly cared for by professional workers.

Virgin hair extension products at 5S hair factory

5S hair factory virgin hair extension products have been exported to many markets around the world so the original quality of this product is extremely good. When you shop at 5S hair factory, you will receive enthusiastic advice from quality to product types so that you can choose for yourself the best quality Vietnamese virgin hair extension products. Besides, 5S hair factory will also have a consultant to help you know how to take the best care because high quality is not enough, your care is the factor that makes your hair become beautiful.

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