Finding Arabica Lac Duong coffee- top selling coffee product in K-Agriculture

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Arabica  Lac Duong coffee is a great option for coffee drinkers’ juicy  preference. This special coffee supplied by K-Agriculture is now gaining more interest from customers.


  • A brief description of Arabica Lac Duong coffee


Arabica Lac Duong coffee is grown in Lac Duong, Da Lat District, Lam Dong province, Vietnam. The average altitude of coffee land ranges from 1,350m to 1,650m above sea level which is suitable for the cold-fear feature of Arabica coffee.  This coffee product is proud of its specialty-grade Arabica coffee in a region with great potential growth in the future. 

After thoroughly picking the great quality Arabica Lac Duong coffee beans, we deliver them to our factory at Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak, Vietnam to continue their next special processing stage.


  • Arabica Lac Duong coffee product details

  • Product details


Product name Arabica Lac Duong
Place of origin Lac Duong – Da Lat – Vietnam
Grade G1, S16-18
Moisture 11,5%-12,5%
Ripe Harvest 100%
Elevation 1450-1650m
Processing method Washed 
Certificate Vietpresso 2019, HACCP CODE: 2003, ISO 9001:2015

Details of Arabica Lac Duong


  • Typical features of Arabica Lac Duong coffee


Due to being grown in an ideal location, Arabica Lac Duong coffee is popular with coffee consumers because of its distinct flavor which differentiates it from others. This great coffee is prized for its slightly bitter taste and special chocolate-like aroma, which reflects the mountainous terrain and cool climate of Vietnam highland region. 


  • Reasons why K-Agriculture factory is a good option for supplying Arabica Lac Duong coffee

  • Trustworthiness


Arabica Lac Duong coffee at K-Agriculture is appreciated by coffee consumers thanks to its pleasant and long-lasting aroma. In addition, it is also certified by many reputable organizations such as ISO ((International Organization for Standardization), Vietpresso, HACCP, ….


  • Competitive price


With its special taste and great demand, the price of Arabica Lac Duong coffee supplied by K-Agriculture creates a good chance for traders to run a high-end coffee business. Thanks to our chain of processing mills and coffee lands across Vietnam, K-Agriculture ensures their stable output and the most competitive prices among other suppliers of similar quality.


  • High-end quality


Through a long caring journey from cultivation to processing, Arabica Lac Duong coffee has been recognized as one of the highest quality Vietnamese coffee according to a coffee lovers’ poll.

K-Agriculture is honored to become your trustworthy companion in the coffee markets. Contact us to get free consultation about the excellent Arabica coffee and many high-quality agricultural products!



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