Cinnamon Stick – All you need to know about this spice in Vietnam.

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Cinnamon sticks are a popular spice that is used for a variety of reasons in our everyday lives. It is also regarded as a promising business. In this post, we will provide you with all of the most helpful information about cinnamon sticks, allowing you to not only better comprehend them, but also receive a plethora of surprising and beneficial advice.

Definition of cinnamon stick

The cinnamon stick is a form of cinnamon derived from the inner bark of numerous Cinnamomum species of plants.

Cinnamon sticks vary in a range of hues depending on geography and growing method, ranging from golden brown (Ceylon) to reddish-brown (Indonesia and Vietnam) to deeper brown (China). It also has pungent (spicy), woody, astringent (drying), and a few sweet and bitter tastes.

Cinnamon will be of higher quality if the tree is cultivated for at least 8 years. Farmers collect cinnamon for two reasons: in the spring (February and March) and in the autumn (August and September).
The cinnamon stick, with its sweet and toasty flavor, is the second most popular spice in Europe and America.

Production of cinnamon sticks

Top-quality cinnamon sticks are typically made in four processes, as follows:
Step 1: Gather fresh cinnamon (for the best quality, it is recommended to plant cinnamon trees over 12 years)
Step 2: Scrape away the cinnamon bark (revealing the soft inner shell)
Step 3: Wash the cinnamon bark and chop it into little pieces (make sure not to be torn or torn; each piece has a width of 3.3 – 3.7 cm, length from 15 – 40 cm)
Step 4: Dry the cinnamon in the sun or using a drying method until it forms cinnamon sticks (ideal thickness of the peel is 1 mm to 2 mm).

Cinnamon stick varieties

There are various variations of cinnamon, similar to cinnamon in general, but Cassia and Ceylon are the two most prominent forms of cinnamon traded on the market today. To differentiate these two varieties of cinnamon, consider how they are collected, taste, flavour, chemical substances found in them, or, most simply, their look.

While Ceylon cinnamon sticks are tan in color, Cassia cinnamon sticks are darker and may be recognized by their sepia or dark brown hue. Ceylon cinnamon sticks have a rougher texture, thicker rolls, and fewer layers than Ceylon (Ceylon cinnamon sticks are thin, thin, and curled into several layers).

Cinnamon stick: Cassia

In terms of cost, the Cassia cinnamon stick is far less expensive and hence more widely used, particularly in the trade, than the Ceylon cinnamon stick. Cassia has a sweet and spicy flavor, as well as a powerful and aromatic scent that leaves an appealing aftertaste.

With varied degrees and tastes, there are three unique types of Cassia cinnamon, including Saigon (Vietnamese), Indonesian, and Chinese cinnamon, although Vietnam’s Saigon Cassia cinnamon is typically regarded for its excellence. Vietnam is also one of the world’s top four cinnamon producers, accounting for over a quarter of all worldwide cinnamon exports.

Cinnamon stick: Ceylon

Because the Ceylon cinnamon stick is so uncommon—up to 85 percent of the world’s supply is provided only by Sri Lanka—and has such a mild and delicate flavor and aroma, it is obviously much more expensive than the Cassia cinnamon stick.

Ceylon cinnamon sticks, which have a mild and almost faint flowery scent, are utilized for a variety of particular purposes and by high-income consumers.

The Advantages of Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon, in general, and cinnamon sticks, in particular, are used for a wide range of applications, from aromatic and addictive spices in cooking to components in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics (particularly fragrances and lotions). With the rising use of cinnamon sticks in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, the cinnamon stick is regarded as one of the agricultural products with the greatest growth rate and economic worth.

Aside from cinnamon stick dishes, it’s also well-known for its several health advantages, including:

  • Cinnamon sticks can destroy more than 15 species of viruses, bacteria, and fungus due to their high amount of cinnamaldehyde, which gives them their characteristic smell and flavor. As a result, it lessens infections and improves foul breath.
  • Cinnamon sticks have prebiotic characteristics, so they will help with digestive health while also reducing numerous stomach disorders.
  • Cinnamon lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, so cinnamon bars may help reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Beneficial for the elderly: reduces the chance of various aging-related brain illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s…

The average price of cinnamon and the factors that influence it

Cinnamon is a commodity that does not have a seasonal harvest. When the price of cinnamon is low, farmers do not harvest, but the cinnamon tree grows and harvests the following year, the next crop. Thus, the price of cinnamon remains reasonably consistent. In truth, the price of cinnamon can vary, although not much.

However, determining how much cinnamon stick to price for 1 kg is dependent on a number of criteria, such as the mode of sale (retail or wholesale), shipping expenses, and, most importantly, cinnamon quality.

The reference pricing for the top quality Cassia cinnamon produced by K-Agriculture, which is one of the top cinnamon manufacturers in Vietnam:

Type Shipping container size Price/kg
Stick cinnamon cont 20ft 5.860 USD/kg
cont 40ft 5.670 USD/kg
Cigarette cinnamon cont 20ft 5.860 USD/kg
cont 40ft 5.670 USD/kg
Split cinnamon cont 20ft 3.480 USD/kg
cont 40ft 3.400 USD/kg
Broken cinnamon cont 20ft 2.500 USD/kg
cont 40ft 2.400 USD/kg

If a cinnamon stick fits the following characteristics, it is called good-quality cinnamon:

  • 12 percent humidity
  • 2-4 percent essential oil content
  • 25-20cm in length
  • Carton Case Packaging 2-3 mm thick
  • Outer layer shaved

Each country’s cinnamon stick will have its own benefits and exceptional qualities depending on the purpose and level of usage, but in general, Vietnam’s cinnamon stick is regarded as one of the most acceptable items, fulfilling both quality and price criteria. If you want to purchase cinnamon in bulk, contact K-Agriculture via their Facebook

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