7 Celebrities with the best natural hair in the world! 

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Whether we are ordinary people or celebrities, we always tend to focus on our beauty as much as possible. To follow sustainable beauty, a large number of celebrities in Hollywood can take pride in natural beauty with natural hairstyles when they appear in the mass. Let’s review the list of 8 celebrities with the best natural hair in Hollywood! 

Nicole Ari Parker 

Ari Parker is known as an experienced actress in the production of media. Besides, this talented artist becomes totally different with totally natural beauty when she is absolutely gorgeous with her own hair, instead of hair extensions or wigs. 

Accordingly, Nicole Ari Parker tends to follow natural tendencies when she becomes a mother. With the desire for her sweet babies to embrace the pristine beauty, she is loyal to her beauty in a natural manner. We are the most beautiful one when we are ourselves, right?

Selena Gomez

It is surprising that the hair texture of Selena Gomez is totally real with a curly side and improves her beauty to become stunning ever. Within a set of photos that she posted, she is seen with natural hair in all its glory.

With her inner advantages, Selena always figures out to become special wherever she is with her natural hair. And you are desiring such beautiful long natural hair like Selena’s? Don’t hesitate but read our recommendations on top 7 foods for hair growth right now. Follow our guide and you’ll have amazing natural hair!


When it comes to a variety of hairstyles, Zendaya is a known name that we can’t ignore. People often call her with a special name- the chameleon of all things hair for having a range of different styles in various contexts. It is not a stretch to say Zendaya is the epitome of natural beauty that makes fans get excited and delighted for her naturally curly locks.

Of course, she is likely devoted to spending much of her time taking care of hair strands for the gorgeous ever. Accordingly, Zendaya has listed hair care products that make a huge difference in the hair growth, including Carol’s Daughter, Miss Jessies’s original. Her continuous effort for her natural shiny beauty is worthy to admire! 

Meghan Markle

From back to previous time, the natural hair of Meghan Markle is just as magnificent as all of her other hairstyles. 

The image of Meghan appears to be natural, beautiful curls rapidly go viral on virtual platforms. One more thing, even styled with straight hair, Meghan also became fabulous beauty. It is obvious that Meghan Markle has found her mission to become the best version of herself with the best natural beauty with her hairstyle! 

Cardi B

It is hard to catch up with Cardi B’s hairstyles because she has applied every style  there is. As stunning as they all are, her natural hair is a wonder one of them. Cardi B doesn’t hesitate to post about her natural hair many times with great pride and she even shares the home- made recipe for smooth and shiny hair that definitely works out for herself to show off her hair volume to her fans. 

Cardi B tried the natural hairstyles and you? Are you willing to show her style for natural beauty? 

Michelle Obama 

The image of a powerful woman with curly hair gets the attention of fans with her brilliant beauty. This lady with natural hair beauty has always been open about the fact that she had to apply a hair strategy during her hair care routine. 

Many of us have seen Michella Obama wear her natural hair on air with her confidence and pride in her culture and her appearance. The pristine beauty of Michelle Obama as an aspiration for curly texture, as well as encouraging other naturals to do on a daily basis. 

Gabrielle Union

At the tender age of 48, Gabrielle is not only a gorgeous actress, not seem to age, her natural hair is beautiful as well. She tends to show off her natural locks with healthy and vibrant curls. 

Gabrielle actually loves seeing natural hair well- treated and wants to inspire this to other people. Are you wondering how to maintain natural hair beauty? 

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