5S Hair Factory: The reviews from the clients across the world

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Over the course of its 30-year history, 5S Hair Factory has earned the trust of hair purchasers worldwide, as evidenced by positive feedback from wholesalers and retailers around the world. Let’s find out more about customer reviews for 5S Hair Factory below.

Introduction about 5S Hair Factory

  • 5S Hair Factory was founded in 1989 with the aim of advancing and able to manage bulk high demands for loyal customers or clients who made the journey to Vietnam and bought directly from our enterprise. Therefore, in order to support Vietnamese hair organizations to the rest of the region, we have opened some online channels, allowing anyone on the planet to obtain hair products from 5S Hair Factory.
  • 5S Hair offers a wide range of products such as weave hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, tip/tape hair extensions with different colors.

The products of 5S Hair Factory

  • Delivery and payment methods at 5S Hair Factory are simple to grasp. 5S has its own transportation to important countries such as Nigeria, resulting in extraordinary shipping times and cost. Clients can also select their preferred form of payment at 5S Hair Factory, making the transaction procedure more convenient.

5S Hair Factory with good impression in the hair market

The reviews from the clients across the world given to 5S Hair Factory

Here are some positive comments from customers from Russia, Nigeria for 5S Hair Factory

A positive review of 5S Hair Factory’s items from a Russian hair expert

Ms. Alesa knows what a high-quality hair product is as a hair extensionist, and she gave 5S Hair Factory a big thumbs up. Let’s find out something that she said about the products of 5S Hair Factory.

  • Her first impression was of 5S Hair Factory’s excellent service, which answered all of her queries and concerns in a timely and kind manner.
  • Next, she was overjoyed with the price. In line with the market in Vietnam and other countries, 5S Hair’s product has a very appropriate and low pricing.
  • Furthermore, she was taken aback by the shipment time. Ms. Alesa received the hair she purchased in just 5 days. This was far more than she had anticipated for international cargo. That is incredibly impressive and professional.
  • Last but not least, she talked about the 5S Hair Factory’s hair quality. “It’s incredibly soft, no shedding, no fluffy after washing,” she remarked.

A fantastic evaluation for 5S Hair Factory from a Nigerian wholesaler

On the basis of a tip from a friend who had previously purchased something from this store. Mr. Amstyl decided to give it a shot and was blown away by the 5S Hair Factory. Let’s have a look at his viewpoints.

  • His first compliment goes to the sales team, who provided him with useful information regarding the product’s qualities, the available promotion, and advice on how to properly care for his hair.
  • He was again pleased by the shipment time. Received quickly and safely.
  • Most significantly, he commended the product’s quality. It’s made entirely of human hair from Vietnam. He bought a bunch of curly hair bundles, and the quality was out of this world. When compared to other hair suppliers in China or India from whom he had previously purchased some, 5S Hair Factory’s quality was 1000 times greater.
  • When clients buy goods online or offline, price is a very important factor to consider. Mr. Amstyl claims that 5S Hair Factory has the greatest items at the lowest prices in the hair industry, based on his years of buying hair extensions.

Finally, it can be said that 5S Hair Factory’s products have received a lot of good feedback from customers in many countries. 5S Hair Factory takes that as a great motivation to continue developing products on the long road ahead.


Another review from customer given to 5S Hair Factory



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